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Foundation for Recovery of Aluminium Packaging RECAL

We support the recovery and recycling of aluminium beverage cans and other packaging in which aluminium is the dominant material. We achieve our goals by disseminating knowledge about the possibilities of recycling all aluminium packaging and the environmental and economic benefits. RECAL Foundation has been operating continuously since 1995.

The activities of RECAL Foundation are supported by two domestic producers of beverage cans: Ardagh Metal Beverage and CANPACK, as well as the producers of aluminium – European Aluminium and the producers of aluminium foil – European Aluminium Foil Association. RECAL’s activities are also supported by two leaders in the recovery of aluminium beverage cans: CANPACK Recycling Sp. z o.o. and Recan Metal Recycling sp. z o.o. Both professionally deal with the recycling of aluminium beverage cans. In addition, since 2017, as part of paid public benefit activities, RECAL implements recycling education workshops and other educational activities in cooperation with local governments, waste utilization plants, associations of municipalities and companies.

Thanks to the presence of the RECAL Foundation on the Polish recycling market and its activities and actions, the level of aluminium recovery from beverage cans increased from 2% in 1995 to 79% in 2021. The Foundation initiates, develops or helps to implement educational recycling programs for educational organisations (schools, kindergartens), business (waste management companies) and local government’s units.


Recycling of aluminium cans

Consumers in Poland, like the rest of the world, frequently buy canned beverages. This is because of the advantages of canned beverages: visually attractive, light, do not break and also allow the drink to be cooled quickly. Aluminium beverage cans are entirely recyclable. Recycling of aluminium is infinite and does not cause the loss of quality of the metal. We call this „permanent material”.


RECAL Foundation’s projects:

  1. Education in kindergartens and schools

The free-of-charge educational materials help teachers to organize lessons about recycling. Additionally we send containers and bags for the collection of cans. Together with partners each year the best kindergartens and schools are awarded.

  1. Every Can Counts – more details on www.kazdapuszkacenna.pl (also in English)
  • Sport and cultural events
  • Collection at workplace
  • Cooperation with universities
  • “Cans for balls”
  1. Other activities connected with aluminium packaging
  • „Leave your cap on”
    Promoting of aluminium caps collection together with glass packaging. This will also help to separate and recycle aluminium caps.
  • Expert seminars and conferences, including publications